About Us

Baggage Auctions UK.

Baggage auction house specialize in lost and stolen property from airports and transit systems in the UK. But did you know that we also have auctions from storage units and government facilities as well. In fact we have auctions of almost every kind from cars and houses to furniture and jewelry.

Lost property auctions

The newest biggest craze to hit the auction seen. Airports, railways and bus lines all end up with lost property. If this property is not claimed within a certain time period the unclaimed lost property will be auctioned of. These auctions are normally held on site at all major airports, railway stations and major bus depots. All items of lost property will be auctioned off in a normal live auction scenario. You must register to bid and be the highest bidder to win the item being auctioned. You are not permitted to open and look through any suitcases or luggage bags and boxes.

What will you find at airport auctions?

Even though airports claim to only loose 4-5% of there customer’s baggage and only 2-3% of that is never claimed or the owner can not be tracked down. Airports deal with millions of commuters every week, so that’s still a lot of unclaimed luggage. Suitcases are like a mystery box you just don’t know what is inside. Guaranteed you will find clothes, shoes and toiletry items. Don’t just discard them as some designer clothes are still worth good money second hand. Then there’s the good stuff like jewellery, travel gifts, duty free items, money, laptops, and anything else people decide to pack in there baggage. Bulky items like push bikes, surfboards, skis etc also end up in airport auctions. The majority of these end up being auctioned due to it being poorly tagged or label with the owners name, phone and address.